SLMbox - the successful debut in the United States

There was an outstanding interest Towards SLMbox Present During the now respected IT Service Management conference, Which was Organized by Pink Elephant. Among the 50 different exhibiting at our... Read more

Risk of Not having SLAs

Service Level Agreements are set up between the Provider and Customer to define level of services. If the company doesn’t have it, trust can be broken in the process as the costumer can’t know... Read more

How SLMbox works?
SLMbox is a virtual machine with service level monitoring and reporting capabilities. It generates events or activity logs which are exportable. The partition on which the data is stored is being mirrored; therefore it supports fault tolerant software upgrading. AD/LDAP integration ability, and has internal backup capabilities as well. The whole system can be configured online through a web-enabled interface.
No need to buy a separate database handling license!
Installation free environment!
With just one click you can start using it.

Workflow of SLMbox:
1. Data collection
SLMbox collects data in accordance of the meters defined in the service level agreement from any levels or any elements of the enterprise environment.

2. Data processing
Data processing may take place real-time or off-line.

3. Visualization
Visualization of information is available on a simple, perspicuous, user friendly and personalized platform.

4. Controlling - Monitoring - Alerts
Online workflow ensures the continuous SL monitoring and control. You can also request for cautions, alerts, if the quality of service decreases.

5. Reporting
You may generate service reports upon all services in a summary or separately from one by one. even periodically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), automated or ad-hoc by unique query.

6. Trend analysis
Continuous monitoring and storage of data makes queries possible for any period in the past, so you can analyze trends, see critical points or realize if there are periodical problems.