SLMbox - the successful debut in the United States

There was an outstanding interest Towards SLMbox Present During the now respected IT Service Management conference, Which was Organized by Pink Elephant. Among the 50 different exhibiting at our... Read more

Risk of Not having SLAs

Service Level Agreements are set up between the Provider and Customer to define level of services. If the company doesn’t have it, trust can be broken in the process as the costumer can’t know... Read more

SLMbox continuously checks if required service level is provided.
Service Level Monitoring and Service Level Reporting
  • continuously,
  • authentical,
  • top-down approach.
In case You wish to
  • measure service levels,
  • reduce time spent on creating SLA reports,
  • find a tool that supports Service Level Management
you have found the solution: SLMBOX

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