SLMbox - the successful debut in the United States

There was an outstanding interest Towards SLMbox Present During the now respected IT Service Management conference, Which was Organized by Pink Elephant. Among the 50 different exhibiting at our... Read more

Risk of Not having SLAs

Service Level Agreements are set up between the Provider and Customer to define level of services. If the company doesn’t have it, trust can be broken in the process as the costumer can’t know... Read more


SLMbox Ltd., hungarian company founded in 2010, which was created to utilize the knowledge that was gathered at multinational companies in the field of IT service management. 
We are a software developer company, which has elaborated a special software solution, that can collect, analyze and store specific data, based on which it can generate service alerts, provide the basis for trend analysis and generate specific service quality driven reports. All this is provided in a transparent and real-time manner. 
We provide an innovative solution and our company is strengthened with a creative team of developers. In 2010 our software has won the IT Leadership Award in software development category and in 2011 we have received the European IT Excellence Award in business intelligence category.