SLMbox - the successful debut in the United States

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Risk of Not having SLAs

Service Level Agreements are set up between the Provider and Customer to define level of services. If the company doesn’t have it, trust can be broken in the process as the costumer can’t know... Read more


SLMbox is looking for strategic partners all around the world! 

We are looking for partners, who: 

  • Have valuable experience in the sales and marketing of Business Intelligence or Service Management (SLM) software products and also provide consultancy services in these field.
  • Have the following customers: financial institutes, telecommunication companies, or other enterprises, or
  • For their customers quality and precision  of the provided services provided are very important, and in the case of a defective performance penalty fee has to be paid.

    Key benefits of the SLMbox partnership:             

  • Partner may extend the manufacturer's support contract and the partner will receive a commission for the extension as well! (this means that the manufacturer is not taking back the support contract after the 1st year of the support period).
  • If the partner participates in the support software (Which are defined in the support contract) Certain support services and delivers on it own, the partner becomes eligible to earn a certain refund of These support costs (Partner Support)
  • The Partner can sell it's own consultancy services with the product which can generate an extensive amount of income.
  • SLMbox software can also be distributed as a rented license.

In case this opportunity has awakened your interest, please feel to contact us. 

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