SLMbox - the successful debut in the United States

There was an outstanding interest Towards SLMbox Present During the now respected IT Service Management conference, Which was Organized by Pink Elephant. Among the 50 different exhibiting at our... Read more

Risk of Not having SLAs

Service Level Agreements are set up between the Provider and Customer to define level of services. If the company doesn’t have it, trust can be broken in the process as the costumer can’t know... Read more

Service Level Management should ensure that the service levels that are set in the agreements are accepted by both parties. SLMbox keeps track of these Service Level Agreements (SLA's). It ensures service levels are kept and that the business performance is compliant.
Why SLMbox?
  • It keeps track of your service quality
  • Ensures service transparency
  • Encompasses the metrics of services
  • Generates customized reports
  • Supports workflow-based communication
  • Delivers instant and reliable results 
  • Offers easy implementation usage
  • Renders operations cost the beneficial
  • Lowers the overall service costs
  • Guarantees your business benefits
SLMbox can save you time, money and resources!

Quick generation of reports, fast and real-time monitoring operations and real-time measurements of the services. Short implementation time (14 days), integration with all currently used business intelligence solutions and products.
No need for a service team of administrators! Automatized report generation, SLA trend generation and real-time service level monitoring will make sure that SLMbox was the right investment for your business!
No need for expensive services! SLMbox is a lightweight BI solution: all you need is VMware to start the image of the application on your server. SLMbox will ensure that all resources of the organization are utilized in the optimal way.